Contaminated Future – a chemical bomb in our neighbourhood

Across the eastern part of Europe and the Caucasus some 300.000 tons of extremely dangerous obsolete pesticides are spread on more than 10.000 locations in at least 18 different countries.

This is one of the biggest environmental problems we have on the European continent besides the challenges with global warming.
People die and get cancer. Countless people are struggling just to get clean water to drink.

The livestock and the agricultural products are contaminated. It seems that are no end to the problems with the sins of the past.

This site will provide a wide-spread public awareness on the subject. And this public awareness should lead to the necessary political action to solve the problem in the coming years.

All published material will be of high and independent journalistic quality. The website will contain both short and in-depth articles, video reportages and filmed interviews with key persons. All published material will be free of use.



an investigation into dumping of obsolete pesticides