Basically, the world faces two major environmental and health related challenges:
One, and very important, is off course the global warming and the on-going climate negotiations.
The second big challenge that the world is facing is the chemicals.
We want to raise public awareness of something that apparently is long forgotten or left in the shadow of the climate issue.

And we will use an untraditional way of doing so. 

One major outcome of our investigations is to raise awareness among media, NGO’s and decision makers.

And everything will be free of use.

We will make as many cross-border investigations as possible, collaborating with local journalists and organizations in the aim to raise both local and international awareness. Both of us have previously worked intensively and successfully with colleagues in especially some of the former Soviet Republics, and we have both created a useful and inspiring network.

We will – off course – do all the necessary fact checking on all work we publish, and we believe that the strength in our project is the fact, that we are independent journalists and we both have an exclusive network amongst other relevant news media.

Without any comparison – but inspired by websites like ProPublica and/or ICIJ we believe that our website can become a highly specialised site for the obsolete pesticides issue. No more – no less.

The other major outcome we strive to achieve is to be able to involve  scholars and students on a higher educational level. We believe that engaging the youth can “force” politicians and other decision makers to (finally) start acting on this European, Balkan and Caucasian joint problem.

We will let anyone share the best stories and the best footage in all accessible platforms as possible. We want  young people to take active part in their own future.

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us



an investigation into dumping of obsolete pesticides