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The site will initially be made entirely in English. However, and depending on the possible funding, the site should have other versions in i.e. Russian, French and German and hopefully more languages version will be able to follow.

This initiative is started by the Danish journalists
Morten Hansen & Tom Heinemann, January 2015

When finished  this website will:

    • Contain a thorough introduction for both medias, politicians and scholars
    • Contain maps from each country involved
    • Contain a description of the most dangerous chemical dumpsites
    • Contain articles – both short news and longer in-depth investigations.
    • Contain filmed reportages from the dumpsites – for streaming in low quality
    • Contain filmed interviews with experts, neighbours, NGO’s etc.
    • Contain – free of use – HD quality film and “snap-docs” for broadcasters
    • Contain links to relevant partners and funders
    • Contain possible various ways of feeding, linking etc. to other platforms
    • Contain a crowd funding function “donate now – button”
    • As part of the project we are working to create an international documentary on the subject, in cooperation with the Slovak director Marcel Pazman


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an investigation into dumping of obsolete pesticides